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What to Wear - Headshots for Men

Ready for your headshots, but curious what to wear? Our custom sessions come with a full wardrobe style and concept consultation that is designed to make selecting your clothing stress free.

If you are in for a mini headshot session, I've put together this guide to help you choose the styles that will look great on you.

- A collared, button up shirt and suit jacket is an amazing look on any man. Choose a light colored shirt and a dark colored jacket for a great contrast that will slim you and make you look professional at the same time. Bring a tie or two to help vary the look.

- Choose a shirt that fits your form, this will slim you on camera. Bulky shirts or tops that are a size or two too large will make you look heavy on camera. A form fitting jacket will create a look that is slim on camera.

- Avoid patterns. Stay away from shirts with heavy patterns as they will take the focus off of your face. Ties with a nice print are perfectly OK.

- Want to stand out? Bring something with a pop of color. I suggest three outfits, one that uses light tones, one that uses dark tones and one that complements your eyes. Feel free to bring more than you need, we can always pair down and select the best outfits once you are here.

- If you want a casual look, look for layers. Pairing a V neck sweater with your button down shirt is in style. A long sleeve Henley is an upgraded look from a t-shirt, and a Polo shirt is a great casual look for a man. We can also just roll up the sleeves on your collared shirt to make you look more relaxed or take off your tie for a different look!

- Bring coordinating pants or jeans and color coordinated belts, socks and shoes. Socks and shoes may be seen in shots where you cross your legs!

- Bring accessories that you typically wear. Glasses, rings, watches, cuff links and of course your favorite tie.

- Make sure your nails are trimmed and hands are clean the day of your session. Hands help tell your story in headshots.

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