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What to Wear - Headshots for Women

Ready for your headshots, but curious what to wear? Our custom sessions come with a full wardrobe style and concept consultation that is designed to make selecting your clothing stress free.

If you are in for a mini headshot session, I've put together this guide to help you choose the styles that will look great on you.

- Want to look Slim? Choose form fitting items from your closet. You want them to hug your figure. Flowy tops will make you look larger on camera.

- It's best to keep patterns minimal, but textures like lace or ruffles will add interest to the shot. Look for a cute solid top with a bit of 3D detail. Avoid high neck tops and instead go for scoops, cowl necks or V necks.

- Sleeveless looks great on toned arms. If you desire your arms to be slimmed, tops should be 3/4 length or long sleeved or you can bring a cute jacket or cardigan for extra coverage.

- Want to stand out? Bring something with a pop of color. I suggest three outfits, one that uses light tones, one that uses dark tones and one that complements your eyes. Feel free to bring more than you need, we can always pair down and select the best outfits once you are here.

- Headshots are no longer just head and shoulders. It's super flattering on most women to shoot at 3/4 length so make sure you bring pants or skirts to pair with your favorite tops.

- Before your shoot, treat yourself to a day at the nail salon. Hands are used alot in headshots as they truly help tell your story. A manicure is a must! Neutral colors or french tips work with everything. If you choose a color, make sure it matches the outfits you've selected.

- Undergarments are important. Choose strapless bras if you are wearing a style where your straps show. Seamless underwear are also a great choice. Add shapewear if you desire and keep the colors neutral so they don't show through light tops! Choose your undergarments to make yourself feel confident!

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