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How You'll Feel Working with Kristian Hutchings Portraits

Have you ever felt like you just aren't photogenic during your photo session?  Your friends, family, coworkers can take great photos, but you feel like you just can't take great pictures?  You can take beautiful portraits, with the right photographer. 

  • Are you worried about what to wear? We pick out your clothes together, no more stress, hours planning or last minute coordinating what to wear, (this unusual photography service is a favorite of moms and professionals!)

  • Do you believe that the camera adds 20 pounds? With expert posing during your portrait session, you can look 30 pounds lighter. You will feel amazed when you see your portraits with your favorite features front-and-center. 

  • Do you hate your hair in the Dallas humidity?  Come be pampered with professional hair and makeup on-site in Richardson, TX. You'll feel amazing before I even pick up my camera to take your photos. 

  • Are you worried about rowdy kids? I offer portrait sessions with breaks, snacks, and fun activities to keep the little ones, (and the teens, and the Dads), engaged. No more fear that your portraits will be full of forced smiles.

  • Love photographs, but never print them? I'll design wall art from your portraits that you love, and my team will even hang it in your home, let's take that off of your honey-do list!

All of this and more will make you look and feel your best during your next portrait session. What do you want captured?

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