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BOOM! Get great July 4th Fireworks Pics from your phone!

Happy Fourth of July everyone! It’s going to be a hot one for sure! Independence day is one of my favorite holidays because it is probably the most versatile. You can stay home and cook out or go big and rent a boat for the day! However the ‘must do’ event, of course, is fireworks. There’s nothing better than sitting among your community with a cold iced tea and watching explosives at a safe distance. 

“But Kristian, my firework pictures come out poorly so what’s the point?” Well, if you use my tips and tricks you will be able to capture the perfect moment with stunning clarity and color!

Step one: Prep your Tools!

  • Stabilize Your Phone: A steady hand or a tripod is essential for sharp, clear shots, particularly in low-light conditions.

  • Clean Your Lens: Ensure your camera lens is free of smudges and dirt to prevent unwanted blurring.

  • Disable Flash: Flash can disrupt the natural luminance of fireworks and sparklers, so keep it off.

Step two: Capture the Moment:

  • Utilize Night Mode: Many smartphones feature a night mode that optimizes settings for low-light conditions, perfect for capturing the brilliance of fireworks.

  • Adjust ISO and Shutter Speed: Keep ISO low to minimize noise, and experiment with slower shutter speeds (try 1/2 to 4 seconds) to capture the trails of light effectively.

  • Fine-tune Exposure Manually adjust exposure to prevent overexposure from the bright bursts of fireworks.

Final step: Boom, Crack, Sizzle!

  • Anticipate the Burst: Fireworks typically explode a few seconds after launch, so anticipate the timing and snap your photo just before the burst. Anticipate the trajectory of fireworks and frame your shot accordingly, leaving ample space for bursts.

  • Embrace Burst Mode: Use burst mode to capture multiple shots rapidly, increasing your chances of nailing the perfect moment.

  • Live Photos: On iPhones, Live Photos capture a few seconds of video around each shot, providing flexibility in choosing the perfect frame later.

Now you have no excuse not to capture breathtaking fireworks and sparkler photos that will dazzle your friends and family. Embrace the magic of the moment and unleash your creativity with your trusty smartphone camera. Happy photographing!


Don’t forget to tag @Kristianhutchingsportraits in your Fourth of July fun so we can see your skills!

Remember to stay safe when photographing fireworks and sparklers, and always follow local regulations and safety guidelines.

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