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Gleam In The Light Dresses

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Gleam in the Light by Dollcake from Australia is one of my daughter's favorite collections. These dresses are sold out, but some sizes can occasionally be found from other photographers in the need of a sister set. However, I have my own sizable collection and several sister sets.

Inspired by the Nutcracker, I really didn't expect my daughter to like these as well as she did, much less LOVE them like she does.

Colors are Light green, Red, Blue, Tiffany (light) Blue, Rose Pink and Lilac. The dresses have horse hair inside of the bottom layer, (it's soft, don't worry), and stand out by themselves without a petticoat.

Heldi, Age 6 spins for her photograph in a Size 6 Dollcake Royal Blue Gleam Dress

I have so many options in these dresses. Pick your favorite or make a sister set!

Rose Pink: Size 10, fits ages 9-12 (Arriving Mid-November 2020)

Lilac: Size 3, 6, 9, fits ages 2-11 (arriving end of November 2020)

Tiffany Blue: Size 8, 12, fits ages 7-14

Royal Blue: Size 6, fits ages 5-7

Red: Size 7, fits ages 6-8

Light Green: Size 6, fits ages 5-7

The bodice will fit girls that are even smaller than listed above, however the length is supposed to hit right above the knee. It can be worn as a longer dress if desired and widen the fit range to another year younger.

Matching Sets:

The Rose pink, Lilac, and Tiffany blue would look pretty together, thought hey have different trim colors.

The Tiffany Blue and Royal blue would look pretty together trimmed in gold (royal) and black (tiffany)

The Tiffany Blue with black trip would also look pretty with my layered cake dress in Tiffany blue and black lace

The Red and Royal Blue are a dream together

The Red and Light Green remind me of Christmas when paired together

With Several colors of dress available, matching is super easy.

For the Rose Pink, Lilac or Tiffany Blue:

Mom: I love this series of dresses and the length would be easily balanced by other members of the family. Blush or Orchid for the Rose Gold, Purple for the Lilac, or Navy Blue to offset the light Tiffany blue. If you would like something shorter with a more similar style, these 1950s swing dresses would look beautiful with or without a peticoat. I would suggest the Khaki for the Rose gold, the purple to complement the lilac.

Dad: Dad would look fantastic in a white button down with a coordinating bow tie. Alternatively, try a coordinating color of shirt, like this blue, or the rosewood which could work for either the Lilac or Rose Gold. Don't be afraid to contrast the Tiffany Blue or lilac with the Petrol (grey) or the Bermuda in the same listing.

Want to go more casual? Pick out a coordinating sweater for dad and dress Brother to match.

Brother: If dad and brother are in the same Photograph, I suggest putting them in similar colors. Tans work well with all of these dresses, or pick something coordinating between the two like these sweaters. If these photos are just of brother and sister, check out these Sateen dress shirts for brother that will coordinate lovely with the fabric on the Gleam. I would suggest the Light Blue, Pink, or Grey. Or Choose Black or White to match the trim on the dress.

For the Red or Royal Blue:

Mom: Mom would look great in this tunic top with a lace hem and tights, especially with Dad or Brother in a sweater. I prefer the dark blue over the regular blue or the red. Alternatively, if Dad and Brother are going to go more formal, I love this long velvet dress or this dress with flutter sleeves. The shine from the two dresses will be perfect together.

Dad:Dad would look fantastic in a white button down with a coordinating bow tie. Alternatively, dress him in a sweater to match brother or a coordinating button down shirt. Here is a navy sweater that I love, or this one in red or "sweater blue".

Brother: Check out these Sateen dress shirts for brother that will coordinate lovely with the fabric on the Gleam. Alternatively, I love the sweater look with these dresses. Go with the Red, blue or the Dark Blue. The blue's color is a bit closer to the Blue Gleam dress, but the Dark Blue would have a nice contrast.

We had our 2019 Christmas photos taken with my daughter in the green. I dressed my husband and boys in white and khaki. I wore dark Green. I LOVED how the photos turned out.

For the Green:

Mom: The Gleam's shade of green is nearly impossible to find so go Darker for a nice contrast. I also love this one with matching flutter sleeves. Alternatively, this Chiffon blouse with a skirt or dress pants.

Dad: If dad doesn't want to dress up, snag this Khaki sweater. Or match mom with a dark green button up. Alternatively, a white button up with a bow tie or pocket square would be nice. The celery is a bit light, the forest can help match with other members of the family, or with multiple boys, go with the champagne or gold and khaki dress pants.

Brother: Khaki suspenders and a bow tie is an adorably classic look with khaki pants and a white dress shirt. Alternatively, this dark green or off white sweater would be a cute match.

Dollcake dresses are so detailed and they each have something unique, even when they are from the same design.

All dresses are modeled on mannequin size 4 and may be a bit long.

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