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Aurora Dress

This dress is a size 6 and will fit a size 5-7. It's beautifully poofy. With gorgeous sleeves and a simple but beautiful tulle skirt, this dress truly stands out!

For women, Amazon has a beautiful selection of tulle skirts. This short style is priced around $25 and has 4 star reviews. I love the Mauve to complement the pink or the mint green to provide a contrast to the pink. Ladies Short Skirt. For those who like a longer look, here is a very popular tulle skirt for under $30. I love the dusty blue the mauve and the champagne. Ladies Long Skirt. A couple of options for matching tops. Top with flutter sleeves and top with sleeves. Alternatively, I currently have a light pink short tulle skirt in my client closet size M women's sizes with a stretchy waist.

For Men, a nice solid button down or simple plaid shirt would work wonders with this. Pair with khaki pants, navy pants, or even dark jeans for a more casual look. The "Pink/Blue" is a nice match. Mens Plaid shirts . If Dad insists on going more casual, a nice polo would work paired with navy or khaki pants to dress it up a bit.

For Boys, a nice solid or plaid would also look great. If Dad wears a plaid, the boy's plaid needs to be very close to identical to work as a family look. I love this short sleeve button down to coordinate with the pink. Shirt is listed at $16 and called "short sleeve pink" Boys solid shirts

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