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Five Types of Newborn Sessions

There are a few different types of newborn sessions, and I find that clients are sometimes confused about which is which. Each of these sessions is unique and all are special. Some parents have only one and others have me capture multiple types.

- Birth Sessions

Birth sessions are exactly what they sound like. As a photographer I am there to tell your birth story. I cover the details of the hospital, pushing (or c-section), your baby's first seconds, the first time you meet baby, baby's initial measurements, and the first time the guests that are present meet baby. This lets Mom & Dad relax and enjoy those first moments without being worried about rushing back and forth to get photographs.

Some mothers are worried about the graphic nature of these images. I have experience photographing both mothers who want me to capture everything, and mothers who would rather I captured them in a modest way. I photograph these sessions based on your level of comfort and both types of galleries are absolutely beautiful. I do not publish any images of Mom delivering baby without their permission and these galleries are always delivered both in color and in black and white.

- Fresh 48 Sessions

Fresh 48 Sessions are after the birth. They are called "Fresh 48" because they generally happen about 48 hours after birth. Baby is cleaned up, but still in the hospital. I love to schedule these around an important family member visiting. We get baby and sibling photographs, baby in his bassinet, baby in parents arms and in bed with Mom.

- NICU Sessions

Should baby have to go to the NICU, it is sometimes the case that they don't get to have their newborn session immediately. Many times they are hooked up to tubes for breathing, feeding or an IV. NICU sessions capture this very important time in their lives, and tell the story of when they are super tiny. With NICU babies, those are pictures we wouldn't otherwise be able to capture.

- Newborn Lifestyle Sessions

Lifestyle sessions happen in your home, typically in baby's room. These capture the essence of baby's every day life from the decor in their room, to their little cribs. We take lots of photographs of Mom & Dad interacting with baby. This type of session does not include backdrops or wrapped photographs.

- Newborn Posed Session

Newborn photo sessions are "Pinterest perfect" and are typically done in my studio. Baby will be wrapped and posed in a basket or on my newborn bean bag.

Other Sessions to celebrate your new little one are available including maternity and coverage of your baby shower. Contact me for more details!

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