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Before & After - I went through my client experience & Wow!

Photos of Mom by Henry, my 10 year old Son.

I turn 35 today and among the many things I have to be thankful for, perhaps one of the most pronounced is the change that I made in my business and how it has changed how I think about myself.

In August, I re-branded my photography business of 9 years from Kiss Photography to Kristian Hutchings Portraits. Along with that I changed much of the experience of having portraits taken with me. I often had tired, stressed Moms and Dads walk through my door out of the annual obligation of having portraits taken with the family, and, though I always gave them the best possible portraits, I wanted to give them an experience that would take away the chore in having portraits taken and make taking portraits a memory in itself.

So I made big changes, to include complementary hair and makeup for ladies, wardrobe consultations to take the planning pressure off of mom, and longer sessions that gave little ones and parents a chance for a break. The results were instant. These once stressed Moms & Dads who would do anything, including getting frustrated with their kiddos to get a smile in the 60 minutes they paid for, relaxed with the extra time. The moms who came in, who had not liked a picture of themselves in years, sat down with my professional makeup artists and the stress and worry melted away. The Moms and Dads who were once here to check a box, were confident and radiant in their portraits. They walked off my studio refreshed and truly excited. At the reveal, I've had moms jump up and down and end up in tears, (of joy), and Dads give me the biggest hugs. Their experience was complete after master-portrait edits and free wall art installation, that made sure their portraits were beautifully displayed in their homes. Memory made.

The magic of tired moms like me turning into confident, radiant, and raving fans of their portraits, honestly made me want the same for myself. I often joke with clients that outside of my wedding day, I haven't had a portrait that I liked of myself since I was 16. The joke is true. Up until two months ago, my profile picture on most everything professional was a photo from 14 years ago when I was a senior in high school. I knew it was time to recreate the experience of taking portraits with me, for myself. One day, after a particularly inspiring portrait session with three ladies who walked out my door raving fans, I decided it was time. Not being able to find a portrait photographer who also had hair and makeup included, and not willing to take my own portraits this time, I opted for a makeover from my hair and makeup artist, with a portrait session after.

The magic wasn't lost on me either. I waked into this makeover wondering if I was insane, in addition to changing my look, I had COVID+baby weight, big bags under my eyes, and hair that hadn't been cut in 18 months. Why would I do portraits now? After a bit of pampering with the hair and makeup artist, I walked out floating on air, confident, and ready to take on the world. The photo session that followed was magic too. I was ridiculously confident, and the radiance showed in my portraits. I went from hoping that I would even like one portrait of myself, to picking 30 that I felt beautiful in. At that moment I was one with my clients. I truly understand the transformation that they go through while in my studio. Whether they are moms, women, or men, taking just a few hours for themselves makes them feel refreshed, confident and unstoppable.

For me, It was a reminder that I can be a physically beautiful version of me, even when I feel run down from life.

The before and after above were taken in my studio, by my 10 year old, Henry. He's my little photographer in training. The ones below were taken by James Gardner after I recreated the experience that I provide for my clients. Provided wardrobe and had my hair and makeup done. Can't you tell I feel like a million dollars?


Kristian is the owner of Kristian Hutchings Portraits a ten year old luxury portrait service in Richardson, TX serving the surrounding Dallas and North Texas area. Kristian offers unique sessions with complementary hair and makeup, an overflowing client closet, and sessions that are less about watching the clock, and more about getting those perfect images. Kristian helps her clients from wardrobe to wall art to ensure clients get portraits that they love and that their art graces their families walls for years to come.

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