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Product Spotlight - How I fell in Love with Metal Prints

At first I didn't offer metal prints - too retro for me, I couldn't imagine that they would ever be classy or fit in with my brand or my decor. I would of never even tried if it wasn't for another photographer. We had our family's portraits taken and the photographer was offering a special on metal prints, so I figured what the heck? I ordered one and fell in love.

Now these are some of my favorite offerings for clients. They are less expensive than canvas and bring a very unique (and classy) look to your area. I now have six of these hanging in my own den.

This specific metal print has what is called a float mount and stands out about 3/4 inches from the wall. The little bit of added depth gives it a modern look. These beautiful prints are super shiny and have a unique WOW factor when displayed in your home.

So what kind of person loves metal prints? What rooms are they appropriate for?

If your home is modern, these prints will match every area of your home. They're shiny and look high-tech. They really are incredible.

If your home is more traditional, look to add these to your kitchen (to match stainless appliances), your office, (they look high-tech), or even put a pop of color in a hallway.

My home is more traditional, but I use them in our family room. They look great with our oak furniture!

Wherever you use them, ask to see a sample next time you're by. Metal may well be my new favorite medium!


Kristian is a professional photographer of ten years and the owner of Kristian Hutchings Portraits, a luxury portrait service in Richardson, TX. She takes portraits of people all across DFW and beyond. Kristian offers unique sessions with complementary hair and makeup, an overflowing client closet, and sessions that are less about watching the clock, and more about getting those perfect images. Kristian helps her clients from wardrobe to wall art to ensure clients get portraits that they love and that their art graces their family's walls for years to come.

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